Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Work: D = decreasing; K = inKreasing

You probably won't be doing much of this in the future...
Or less D more K as one correspondent from NAB last year put it.

It really does seem that the momentum behind 4k is becoming unstoppable. I've written two stories about it so far this week (here's one of 'em) and it's only Wednesday. There seems to be approximately one significant one a day hoving into view down the newspipe too.

Latest one is about the BBC filming meerkats in the format for its new all-singing all-dancing natural history doc Survival, due next year.

No, it's not, sorry...the latest one is about China leading the way into the 4k future.

Oh, hang on, no's another one.

You get the picture.

Meanwhile, poor old stereo 3D seems down and out. One of the most significant parts about the arrival of 4k in Japan story linked to above is that it will in turn be linked to coverage of the World Cup in 2014. Last time round, in South Africa, Sony paid for 25 matches to be captured in 3D for 'future-proofing in the format of the future' type purposes. Really difficult to imagine them doing that now. Stereo 3D just looks*.

It looks like it's going to be an either/or decision, with 4k being the probable winner. Unless, that is, auto-stereoscopic displays suddenly take off at an affordable price in the next 18 months...(which is a tad unlikely to say the least).

*To which I have to add a) told you so and b) shame in many ways because some of the nicest people I've met in the industry were amongst those driving it forward.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Work: Here's one I made earlier

Seem to have spent most of the winter subbing and editing so far (the pre show sections of the ISE Daily were down to me, though, of course, I'll blame any errors on people working downstream ;-) ) all of which means there's no vast amount of writing to share. Here are a couple of pieces published online from recent months, however, that prove I can still string a sentence together when I put my mind to it.

To paraphrase Eric Morecombe, it's something to do with using the right words in the right order...

Extreme Sports feature (InBroadcast)

4K lenses. What does that even mean? (Red Shark)

Looking to the second screen future (SVG Europe)

Life: Random acts of photographic happiness

A lucky one from last month taken with the iPhone's panoramic feature (in other words you have to click on it to see the whole thing). What seems to have made the difference was that the sun was not quite up at the time, allowing for an exposure that didn't simply bleach out the sky.

Come out of our gate, cross the road, and this is the view. Very fortunate to live here methinks...despite the occasional pre-dawn dog and baby walking...

Friday, 25 January 2013

Work: The Connected Fridge...

Just finished a huge tranche of pre-show work on the ISE Daily (was meant to be going out there and working on it as Exec Editor too, but them plans got scuppered unfortunately).

ISE starts next week, but of all the thousands of words I've read about the show and what will happen at it, one quote really stands out: an expert on Smart Buildings suggesting that by 2016 there will be between 60-100 connected devices sitting on your home network.

The pic above used to be the take on how that will look, but he wasn't thinking that. He was thinking fridges, microwaves, curtain motors that adjust the amount of sunlight getting into a room to regulate temperature, televisions, short, if something can be given an IP address and put on a network, it will be.

Remember the Big Bang Theory episode where they let some mirror-image geeks from China turn their lights on and off? That.

One suspects that hacking could get a lot more fun in the near future...

Life: My God, it's full of stars...

Daughter has suddenly become obsessed with all things to do with space - planets, galaxies, shuttle launches and, particularly, anything to do with Saturn. Am not sure I'll be able to keep up with her long after she's two...

All of which makes the recent decision to home-school her when she's older all the more interesting. The main driver in thinking about this was her CF - this will keep her free from infection and mean we can ramp things up or dial them down depending on how well she is  - and it still is, but that it increasingly being joined by the knowledge that a) it'll be fun and b) she might really benefit from it academically.

And it is very interesting that you mention home-schooling to people and their first reaction is worry about socialising. No-one has said anything about the learning aspects of education at all...Do we all really feel that that is mainly what schools are about now?

Anyway, current plan: a visit to the National Space Centre for her birthday seems only right and proper. Set the controls for the heart of the sun etc...

Thursday, 17 January 2013