Friday, 10 May 2013

Life: with pops and crackles

[Posted as part of a debate on digital vs analogue and what we lose over on the Red Shark website]

Have a very non-technical argument to throw into the mix: one thing that we lose [with digital] is our history with the media in question. Pops and crackles and distortions accrue over time, giving us a sense of time passing and a sense of ownership. I have digital versions of albums that I owned as a teenager which my brain still inserts a scratch or a jump into, because that's the way I remember it. It makes it mine, it makes it unique, in many respects it makes it alive - not in the living and breathing sense, but in the sense of change being possible.

In the same way that I've given my Kindle away so I can read books again, maybe I'll soon go out and buy a turntable and start getting some of my special favourites (Dark Side of the Moon, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Raindogs, Permanent Waves) back on vinyl. Might wait till my daughter's slightly older though. There are pops and crackles, and then there is someone covering everything with a thick layer of crayon...