Friday, 12 June 2009

DTG unveils 3DTV findings

Much interesting stuff in the DTG's report on 3DTV. Basically, the organisation just bombarded its members with questions and collated the replies, but as always with these things, it's who you get the replies from that matters. Thus the DTG survey carries a fair bit of weight.

Quite a lot of different data to wade though, but a couple of salient points below.

Though prototype technologies exist, most (81%) agree that current systems are too immature for a successful market launch. 3DTV could, however, become a mass entertainment medium in the UK within three to five years (56% stating a timeframe), and the UK could lead the world (70%).

Most members (85%) have allocated some level of R&D budget, with most of them (64%) describing it as "very limited funding".

The business case is far from being established (only 14% agreed it had), largely due to the difficulty of forecasting consumer acceptance of an emerging technology and its potential take-up (54%), and uncertainties over the business model.

TVBEurope - DTG unveils 3DTV findings

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hollywood actors agree pay deal

"The main US actors' union has agreed a deal with the major Hollywood studios after a year of acrimonious pay talks which almost led to strike action.

Members of the Screen Actors Guild voted to back a two-year deal covering films and prime-time TV shows.

The SAG said the deal raised actors' minimum pay by 3% as part of a $105m package of improvements.

But there appeared to be no significant pay increase for internet appearances - a key sticking point in the talks."

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Hollywood actors agree pay deal:

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Next up - Studios, case studies and IBC

A busy week with lots going on. And that's before we get to the importance of watching as much Twenty20 cricket as humanly possible!

Broadcast: a feature on the studios sector and - somewhat inevitably - how it's faring in the Tough Economic Climate (copyright all features). Also cueing something up looking at resellers and their own problems in the TEC. Might need a new acronym for that...

Case studies: working on a load for VMI and Fineline Media Finance, for VMI themselves and Bubble & Squeak respectively, everything from shoots using P2 in Malaysia to people buying cameras so that other people can gad off and do shoots in Malaysia. In a truly serendipitous manner, even have to do one story about one company for the other...

IBC: the first of the eDaily email newsletters goes out imminently. Have set up a Twitter account ( to highlight what's going on. Plenty of stuff to talk about already (speakers, deals etc) and will be able to highlight exhibitor news and even drop in the odd rumour as the show gets nearer.

In a word, phew. And I thought Gordon Brown was having a busy time of it...