Tuesday, 28 September 2010

IBC - International Bug Catching

The tradition is that every year, a goodly percentage of the broadcast industry comes back from IBC having caught something. Not in an entertaining and frankly worrying manner in the Red Light District, you understand, but simply as a function of spending time in air conditioned halls with 48,500 other people.

This year's has been a bug and a half too. Never mind high definition, this year's post IBC lurgy has gone straight for the Super Hi-Vision resolution, 22.2 channel cough-o-rama. All of which is a roundabout way of saying no, I haven't put anything new up on the blogsite recently and no, I'm not about to either. In fact, I'm going to escape down to Cornwall for a week and hope that a decent amount of Atlantic stormfront barrelling in from the ocean can clear the tubes.

And after that, maybe, there may be some updates...

Two things that are worth talking about from IBC that aren't stereo 3D in the meantime: connected TV and Super Hi-Vision. The first has got way more implications in the short term; the second will be the way the industry lurches once 3DTV fails to take off (and yes, I am still banging that drum).

And yes, there was going to be a complicated, multilayer metaphor using the picture of the Amsterdam bridge. However, it seems to have had a beer too many and fallen in the canal...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Yes, the interminable summer of work is finally over, and all the hard work and preparation pays off today as we jet off to Amsterdam and the start of this year's IBC. Will be ensconced in Room E108 (Room P as was) for the duration, so feel free to pop by and say hello.

Afterwards life returns to something resembling normality for, oh, at least a couple of days. Should be an occassion for slightly more regular blog postings at least...