Monday, 13 August 2012

The Song is Over...

Just written an – unbylined – piece for a client on the broadcast legacy of London 2012. To summarise:

  • OBS did an okay job
  • The BBC did a brilliant one
  • NBC really, really cocked it up
  • The days of tape delaying major events and getting out of sync WITH THE ENTIRE INTERNET are over
  • Ultra slo mo looks fabulous when done right. Andy Hayford, take a bow
  • 3D is in serious danger of becoming an evolutionary cul-de-sac... again
  • The Socialympics is a horrible word, but does describe what happened. Social media is now an integral part of this sort of thing
  • Super Hi-Vision will mean much lobbying for the 2020 Games to be in Japan
  • The big broadcast story from Rio 2016 will likely be remote production