Wednesday, 26 September 2012

IBC = I'll Be Ceeing you

So, no sooner has one giant RAI-based tradeshow finished, than after a quick break I start work on a Daily magazine for another one.

Must enjoy this combination of Amsterdam, tradeshows and Intent Media, as I've just been appointed Executive Editor of the ISE Daily for ISE2013. Big show, and getting bigger all the time = big gig.

Thoughts on IBC? The show seems to find itself caught between technology waves at the moment, with no huge new products unveiled but plenty of action in areas of standards (FIMS etc) and companies jockeying for position in forthcoming areas such as Ultra-HD.

Think many people are waiting to see if autostereoscopic displays will take off in advance of the next Olympics, basically. If so, then 3D was always the horse they were backing. If not, then there's 4k to consider. Interesting to note that those with deep pockets - the Sonys of this world - currently seem to be doing both.

O Inconstant Consumer, look what chaos you're causing!